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Our Project

The "Sound Of Tomorrow" committee was formed from Anglia Ruskin University's third year Music and Music Technology Students for their "collaborative project" module. Working as a team, the committee has had to organise, promote and run the "Sound Of Tomorrow 2024 Conference", which is supported by "Sound and Vision Cambridge" and Anglia Ruskin University.

Each choice in the planning and creation of this conference has been decided by the students themselves, working as a team to bring the conference attendees an exciting, inclusive and forward-thinking day of talks, panels and fringe events. 

Courses Involved In This Project: 

Beth Maundrell (Beth Eliza) performing with Todd D'Arcy and Harvey Cox at our Christmas Fundraiser

Harry French- otherwise known as Volition performing a DJ set at our christmas fundraiser.

AI and Social Media In Music Production and Performance

This year, the committee decided to base their conference around the developing technologies of AI and Social Media, and how these are impacting the music industry. This topic is becoming increasingly important as these tools become more present in the Music Industry and are now creating issues such as copyright infringement and identity theft. However, there is potential for these tools to also become extremely helpful for musicians and industry professionals. The "Sound Of Tomorrow" conference aims to discuss this controversial topic, and gater viewpoints from across the industry. 

Our Team

Staff Leads

Dr. William Campbell

Dr. William Campbell (known more commonly as Bill), is the Deputy Head of School for AHESS (Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences), and is also the module tutor for 'collaborative project', which this conference was born out of!

On behalf of the Sound Of Tomorrow Conference Committee, we want to thank Bill for being an enthusiastic, encouraging and supportive tutor. 

Mark Pickering

Mark Pickering, Technical Team Leader for AHESS, is our project manager for this event, and works closely with other staff and students to ensure the conference is a success. 

On behalf of the Sound Of Tomorrow Conference Committee, we want to thank Mark for being the best problem- solver, supporter and advisor that we could have asked for.

Leadership Team

Emma Brown

Emma Brown is an audio engineer from Cambridgeshire currently studying BSc Audio and Music Technology at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. In her career so far, she has also been a podcaster, presenter, radio host, music journalist, live sound technician, studio technician and musician. 

Emma is organised, passionate, adaptable, and although she is a self-motivated and driven individual, she also enjoys working within a team to achieve larger goals. 

In Emma’s third year work at Anglia Ruskin, she is chairperson of the “Sound of Tomorrow” conference committee that was formed in her collaborative project module. She also is in the process of creating a podcast, and writing her dissertation on the impact that the development of AI music software is having on the music industry. 

Graduating in Summer 2024, Emma is excited to be joining the team at Sharps Redmore Acoustic Consultants and is looking forward to developing her skills on this journey.

For more information, please visit or email Emma at:

Sasha-Marie Wilson

My name is Sasha Marie, and I am in my final year of my BA (Hons) course: Popular Music - Music Performance. I am the secretary to the Sound Of Tomorrow Conference, so admin is my best friend! I will also be about on the day of the conference helping guests around the uni and answering any questions they may have! Music and singing have always been my main passion in life and to be able to channel that through this conference is a dream!

Elizabeth Betts

Elizabeth is a composer, singer, and violinist based in Cambridge, UK. She is currently studying Music Performance at Anglia Ruskin University and is due to graduate in 2024. She started playing violin at the age of seven and completed her grade 8 two years ago. She has also been singing in choirs since the age of nine, and most recently has been singing with The Chapel Choir of Selwyn College, Cambridge. There she has taken part in CD recordings of works by Bryan Kelly and Sarah MacDonald, BBC Radio 3 and 4 broadcasts and has had the opportunity to go on tour to Switzerland in 2023. Elizabeth is interested in choral and orchestral music and has started to compose her own music. She

hopes to become a music therapist after her studies but hopes to continue composing on the side. 

Production Team

Oliver Brownjohn

Bio Coming Soon

Henry Blakeway

Bio Coming Soon

Henry Stanley

My name is Henry Stanley, and I am part of the Production team. Our primary purpose is to choose the right location and venue for our forthcoming conference and event and plan out the proper setup in advance. I am a very humble and modest member, but I am also open-minded and honest, willing to take on any task or challenge if necessary. I happen to be an enthusiast in most sorts of music and media, grew up listening to many genres from an early age, such as rock, metal, jazz, and even classical music. Learning skills within both performance and production, I had mastered a few basic skills and techniques on Logic Pro and Sibelius, as well as a few real instruments such as keyboards and didgeridoo.

Talent Team

Harry French

Harry is currently studying Music & Sound Production BA at Anglia Ruskin University.

He gained experience in Human Resources during his time working in hospitality.

His portfolio includes sound design, composition and mastering services.

Inspired by his time working in healthcare, his current research involves assessing the mental health of music students at universities across the UK.

Harry has been producing original electronic music since 2018 under his alias, “Volition”. In February 2024, he released his debut album on YANA Music.

Nelson Williamson

Will is an American Student currently studying Audio Music Technology Bsc at Anglia Ruskin University.

He served 4 years in the American Airforce in the Human Relations Department.  

His overall passion for music makes him very open to all areas of Music from being hands on with sound engineering, live music technician, to sound production and collaborating with others.  

Will’s portfolio includes Music Business experience, Music Collaborations, Sound Engineering and Music Production with music compositions available on many DSP’s.

Diogo Calcinha

Hey there! I'm a 24-year-old student at ARU, currently navigating my way through the thrilling challenges of my third year at university. You'll often find me lost in the world of music production, crafting instrumental beats. Right now, I'm knee-deep in a conference project for one of my modules, where I'm taking on the roles of research co-ordinator recruitment and research co-ordinator sponsorship. Working with my amazing team has been such a joy, and I couldn't be prouder of what we're achieving together. Exciting times ahead!

Andre Afonso

Bio Coming Soon


Bio Coming Soon

Sponsorship Team

Todd D'Arcy

Todd D’Arcy is a musician, live event technician and sound designer currently based between Cambridge and Bradford, UK. He has gained a multitude of experiences from his interdisciplinary endeavours that serve to enhance everything he does, as he approaches every task with multiple perspectives. He is mainly known for his work at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, where he has worked in roles such as: Live and Session Musician, Live Sound Technician, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Camera Technician, and Ambassador. However, alongside this work he has also: appeared on ITV discussing the Post-Covid music industry, played live with acts such as Paid By Cash, and written, recorded, mixed, and mastered an EP with his band FireDoor.

Sam Geard

Bio Coming Soon

Social Media and Marketing

Lily March

Lily is a Music Performance Student at ARU Cambridge. She has been performing from a young age in multiple different ways. Lily joined a local dance club at age 3 and continued with that until she had to leave for University at age 18. Within dance and performance, she has gained multiple awards and honours. Lily has also perused an interest in music from a young age most notably taking on the challenge of learning a new instrument in two weeks due to someone having to drop out of the school band. Although Lily could not pursue music in college/sixth form she continued lessons every week and avidly practised. 

Lily wants to become a music therapist or music teacher; she wants to be able to help young people fulfil their potential and work with young people who are often overlooked. She believes this is the way she can help others.

Despina Andreou 

Despina Andreou (a.k.a. Desna), is a Cypriot singer, pianist, songwriter and producer. She is currently based in Cambridge, UK, where she is pursuing her BA (Hons) in Music Performance. Music has always been a central point in her life. Desna’s journey began when she started competing in local competitions, showcasing her exceptional talent. At the age of 12, she achieved the third place in a Cypriot television contest called “DanSing Junior 2”. She started taking vocal and piano lessons since the age of 8, and managed to become certified in both instruments. She was a member of multiple choirs and performed in many stages throughout the years. Desna is mainly a pop artists, although she also likes to explore other genres of music. Today, she performs in live venues and concerts during the university summer breaks, as well as in multiple venues in Cambridge. Desna within the "Sound of Tomorrow" conference committee has the role of the Instagram content creator. She uses her creativity and digital skills to expand the event's audience and impact.

Beth Maundrell

Beth is a passionate music student with a sharp focus on marketing opportunities within the music industry. With five years of dedicated music studies, she has a strong understanding of performance and theory. Her marketing journey began during previous placements in the creative marketing sector, where she gained first-hand insights into the complexities of music promotion. Fuelled by her passion for performing and songwriting, Beth is driven to excel as a music marketer. Her hands-on experience running her own independent music-focused creative marketing agency, The Muse Note, has equipped her with invaluable skills. Now, she sets her sights on bringing her passion to promote the upcoming Sound of Tomorrow conference.

Harvey Cox

Harvey Cox is a session guitarist from the east of England. With years of experience in music, since he began teaching himself how to play guitar in 2017, It has been the main focus in his life. Thanks to his education at West Suffolk College and Anglia Ruskin University in popular music, he has had the chance to record and perform live, playing acoustic, electric and bass guitar. He also has had a passion for content creation ever since lockdown, when he began posting TikTok videos of his guitar playing.

John Cheyne

John Cheyne is a third year Music Performance student studying at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. John has experience in many creative and art backgrounds, having studied music, photography, art and creative writing. In his spare time, John enjoys writing reviews of films, exploring nature and documenting it on 35mm film cameras as well as writing songs about his life and experiences. Releasing music under the moniker `Big Snooze´, John has had his songs played on various different radio stations, the most notable being BBC Introducing in both Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. These accomplishments are the result of years of time and dedication to learning how to self produce his own music as well as learning many instruments to be able to create multilayered and interesting instrumentation within his songs. 

When looking towards the future, John is hoping to continue with his creativity by establishing his blog which he has been cultivating on his website: There are many avenues to explore such as music or film journalism, session musician work or even photography. All we know is that whatever road John chooses to go down, it is sure to be exciting and stimulating!

Technical Team

Archie Hazell

Archie is a Programmer / Audio Tech currently studying Audio and Music Technology BSc at ARU Cambridge. So far in their career they have been part of the tech crew at multiple events at Saffron Hall in Essex, The Portland Arms and ARU.

From a young age Archie has loved taking things apart and then trying (not always successfully) to figure out how they work. This led them down a path of learning Python and other programming languages in primary school which they excelled at. This turned into a love for building and breaking robots and software.

For their dissertation they are investigating the implementation of multiband compression and the distortion differences between full and multiband compression.

Archie’s aspiration is to pursue a career in the Cyber Security sector with a view to completing relevant certifications in the near future. They are especially interested in the field of Ethical Hacking.


You can find their portfolio at:

Oliver Brownjohn

(Please See Production Team Section For More Details)

Boray Cennetoglu

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Todd D'Arcy

(Please See Sponsorship Team Section For More Details)

And finally,  a BIG thank you to these members of ARU staff!

Ryan Rodgers

Technical Officer for AHESS

Abigail Pateman

Technical Officer for AHESS

James Ward

Head Of School for AHESS

Dr. Sven-Amin Lembke

Course Leader- Audio and Music Technology