AI Vs Human Song Challenge

In November 2023, fuelled by a desire to explore the boundaries of AI in music creation, third-year students from ARU's music and music technology programs embarked on a unique challenge: AI vs. Human Music Mixing.

First, ARU's talented music performance students took center stage, delivering a cover of Olivia Rodrigo's "Driver's License." The baton was then passed to the Audio and Music Technology and Music Production students, who entered their dual studios for the mixing showdown.

One team, embracing the power of AI, tackled the task solely with AI tools, allowing the technology to guide their creative decisions. The opposing team, armed with their expertise and the familiar plugins of Logic X Pro, approached the mix using traditional methods.

Click the Link below to watch the YouTube Video of this process, and vote on which song you think is better. Results will be revealed after the conference!

YouTube Video

Watch how we created the AI vs Human Mixing Challenge.

Song  A

Song B